Notes on this site

The air grows chilly again.

Here, it marks the midpoint of the year rather than a new one, but it’s a starting point to wax poetic, nevertheless. In any case, I come to a sad realisation.

“I’m probably not good at this, am I?”

It’s probably one of those things that many aspiring writers of what-have-you run into at some point. This probably isn’t my own first time, either. It’s the usual lamenting of how one does not post or update enough, and they’ll swear to “do better next time”, whatever that means. It makes me think of a Saturday morning cartoon villain.

I only seem to post here about once a year, as a little outlet that no one reads. It’s not as if I bother to advertise this page or anything, and I tend to delete my older posts as I grow unsatisfied with them – as if the person who wrote it wasn’t really the “me” at this very moment.

Well, instead of saying I’ll “do better next time”, I suppose I should write something different.

“I’ll figure it out eventually.”

…Well, that wasn’t very reassuring. Perhaps I should try to actually remember to post what I keep on planning to post, which, hopefully, is not a set of weird journals or articles or anything like that.

Notes. Plain notes, which I’ve found useful. Research notes, of things I’ve looked into. Nothing formal. Generally related to video games. Probably not technical.